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Garsden & Clarke have been designing and building custom cabinetry for Brisbane since opening its doors in 1995.

With a team of interior designers, industry experts and manufacturers on site, Garsden & Clarke offer quality custom cabinets.

Knowing that your design and build team are 100% Brisbane-based, you’ll know your cabinets have been made to the highest standard.

Covering cabinetry from french country to modern minimalism, Garsden & Clarke is your cabinet solution.

Get to know Garsden & Clarke by numbers

Custom Garsden & Clarke cabinetry installed into Brisbane homes
The year we opened our doors in Brisbane
Years experience in servicing the Brisbane market
Qualified designers on hand

Start your cabinet construction journey with us:

Phone: (07) 3823 3977

The Process

We’ll be with you the whole way from initial concept to installation:

  • Initial consultation in our showroom to meet your designer, peruse house plans, discuss design brief, finishes and your budget. We all drink coffee and eat cake.

  • The development for initial concept with CAD drawings

  • Second consultation in the showroom with your designer, to review initial concept drawings and quotation. We’ll finalise the design and selection of finishes, colours and hardware
  • We’ll liaise with your builder to ensure that all plumbing positions and internal structures are correctly positioned for final cabinetry design

  • A final measure on-site will be completed once your home is at the frame stage

  • You’ll be provided with a ‘schedule of works’ which details dates for delivery and installation of cabinetry

  • A final detailing and processing of plans for manufacture will be completed by us

  • Your cabinetry will be manufactured in our Brisbane factory

  • One of our qualified installers will deliver and install your cabinetry, overseen by our site supervisor

Meet the Team

Our product and professionalism is at the core of the business.

Susan Garsden
Susan GarsdenOwner | Director | Designer
Kimberley Whitehead
Kimberley WhiteheadDesigner
Larissa Flemming
Larissa FlemmingDesigner
Libby Petersen
Libby PetersenDesigner
Cassidy Fairbairn
Cassidy FairbairnPlan Detailer
Shirley Fairbairn
Shirley FairbairnAdmin Officer
Chloe Quintal
Chloe QuintalHead Designer
Robyn Clacher
Robyn ClacherAccounts Manager
Brenton Garsden
Brenton GarsdenProject Manager
Wendy Kemp
Wendy KempScheduling Manager
Mia & Jet
Mia & JetThe Kids